The individually adaptable system for tanks and pipelines as well as large roof areas

Problem Description:

Leaks in tanks and pipelines and the resulting environmental damage are prevented by various existing monitoring systems. However, these systems have several shortcomings, e.g. the leak cannot be located or monitoring parameters such as the minimum leak size cannot be adjusted as required.

Foil sample

The new solution "LEAK WARNING SYSTEM":

The LEAKAGE WARNING SYSTEM solves all these shortcomings in real time and offers numerous advantages for specific applications. This makes it possible to adapt the system individually in order to solve even unconventional tasks.

The system is based on an electrically conductive foil, which is applied to the surface to be monitored. A plan of the individual foil positions is now made and the numbered foil pieces are connected to the warning device. Subsequently, this monitoring layer is provided with a cover layer as required.

If the electrical resistance changes due to leaks, cracks, etc. in the monitoring layer, an alarm is triggered in real time. The alarm device reports the damaged film number, so the location of the damage can be identified. The detection parameters such as minimum leak diameter or crack as well as location accuracy can be selected.


A foil pre-printed with electrically conductive meanders is laminated with synthetic resin on the surface to be monitored and pre-primed. A plan is made of the foil positions. The numbered foil pieces are connected to the warning device via slave. This monitoring layer is then sprayed with a top layer of synthetic resin that is resistant to the stored medium or corrosion.

This creates a homogeneous sandwich construction. Either the object wall or the monitoring construction prevents the media from escaping into the environment. The detection parameters (min. leak diameter) and localization accuracy are adjustable.

The warning device measures the electrical values of the individual foils and stores them with the ID No. of the foils (target values). In case of damage the conductive meander is interrupted or the stored medium reaches the meander through the cover layer. The meander is not resistant to the most stored media (hydrocarbons, alcohols, solvents etc.) and weather influences (water/humidity), thus the electrical values of the meander are changed.

The warning device continuously scans the individual monitoring foils, measures the current values (actual values) and compares the deviation from the target values. If the adjustable tolerance is exceeded, an alarm is triggered and the damaged foil number is displayed on the warning device or also by telephone. The damaged foil position is measured according to the plan and replaced with a new foil.

Special features of the LEAKAGE WARNING SYSTEM:

Warning device

  • The system combines in one application the reliability of well-tried materials with a modern electronic application. This results in an absolutely reliable and accurate execution.
  • The system design allows industrial prefabrication of the main component. The broad applicability increases the possible applications, respectively the production quantities. Thus an inexpensive production can be realized.
  • The invention is a unique homogeneous sandwich construction. This results in qualitative advantages, a simplified design and price advantages.
  • The technology ensures a permanent monitoring and locates a possible damage in real time.
  • In all countries where the patent was applied for, these patents have been granted. This is the best proof of the uniqueness of the invention.

Target groups:

For various manufacturers, applicator or supplier companies, the invention offers the opportunity to stand out from the competition with these Unique Selling Points (USP). They will be able to offer end customers, e.g. oil companies, refineries, construction companies, general contractors, power plants, etc., a reliable and also inexpensive solution to conserve their resources, protect objects against malicious interference and fulfill their responsibility (and regulations) towards the environment.

Application TANK

Application PIPELINES

Application ROOF AREAS

  • Innovative product with unique selling points, protected by patent
  • Huge market potential
  • Demo device available!
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