Healthy Coffee

Healthy Coffee

Combination of tasty coffee with nutritional supplements in both bean and capsule form

Problem description:

The aim of this innovation was to bring healthy food supplements such as the superfoods spirulina and phycocyanin (proteins) into coffee drinks.

The new solutions:

Spirulina produced from algae is considered the new superfood, containing phycocyanin as a pigment for the algae's photosynthesis. It contains a wealth of proteins, vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

The task of both patent-protected innovations is to make the combination of coffee enjoyment with a healthy component technically possible without any major denaturation of the healthy ingredients during use.

  • Capsule solution

  • Coating of coffee beans

Untersuchungen zeigen, dass die verwendete Nährstoffformel in Verbindung mit einem kalorienkontrollierten, gesunden Lebensplan auch in den folgenden Bereichen helfen kann:

  • Weight loss

  • Improving intestinal health

  • Reduction of allergy symptoms

  • Improving mental health

  • Preventing heart disease

  • Managing diabetes and more

The capsule solution makes it possible to consume healthy spirulina and phycocyanin coffee in conventional Nespresso machines. The structure of the environmentally friendly capsules and their filling method ensure coffee enjoyment with a vital vitamin boost.

The coating solution is primarily intended for the professional coffee sector and the area of normal coffee machines, where the coffee beans are coated with healthy phycocyanin, for example, without the phycocyanin proteins being destroyed by the roasting process. The customer sees the blue (phycocyanin) or green (spirulina) coffee beans and smells the typical coffee aroma.

For a coffee manufacturer, this opens up opportunities to enter a new market segment with a lot of growth.

  • Innovations with unique selling points, protected by patents

  • New fast-growing market segment

  • High customer benefit

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