Combining adsorption spectrum and other properties of the materials and molecules with security/identifications systems.

Problem description:

Security and non-copyable keys are an issue today both in the field of valuable assets, such as houses, vaults but also in the field of software and data, such as data backups or in the field of blockchain technologies. Classical identifications approaches are based on electronic memories or mechanical systems.

Prototype 1 of photonic key

The new solutions:

With this invention you increase the difficulty in copying a key so you increase the security of that. You also have a key where the information is not electronical so it is also safer in terms of electronic security and also in term of resistance to electromagnetic interferences or strong magnetic fields. This invention has also a relevant aspect in terms of design that is important for many markets.

The invention consist in a „photonic key scanned by light“. Imagine to have a key that it is like a special crystal that was programmed with special molecules and procedure. This crystal can be scanned by a scanner and be used exactly like a key.

Special features:

  • High amounts of combinations possible

  • More ore less no limitation on design

  • Highest Security


  • Special locks producers

  • Identification systems producers

  • Jewels producers

  • Huge design entities

  • Innovation with unique selling points, patented!

  • Prototypes available!

  • Strategic patents!

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