Smart Home Technologies by LIGHT

Smart Home Technologies by SLUX

New technology using light for data transmission for more speed and healthier environment

Problem description:

In the area of "smart home controls" but also "intelligent" kitchen appliances, Wlan and Bluetooth connections are state of the art today. However, users sometimes have problems or fear of electro smog and avoid these devices or installations, but also the added value they offer. The use of light waves instead of radio waves for data transmission is a future field, on the one hand to extend the overloaded radio frequency spectrum into the visible range and on the other hand to offer people who are sensitive to electro smog a new solution, e.g., in the household.

The new solutions:

Home automation and kitchen appliances are increasingly demanded by an increasingly demanding public in terms of comfort and safety. Light communication technology can make full use of the existing installed equipment to unlock new possibilities.

Enabling data transmission through lighting can transform an ordinary house into a real smart home. Evolution can be easily envisaged: devices such as televisions, computers, tablets but also household appliances such as fridges, vacuums and washing machines will be connected to constitute a local Internet of Things that will benefit from the great bandwidth, allowing for an unprecedented level of smart services.

SLUX has several patents that are protecting the data communication by light. The invention consists in method and devices that allow to have a priority connection by light, and, in case of loosing of the light signals, it will be established a radio communication between the devices in order to maintain the communication in a different range and to connect to the internet.

For testing the new technology prototypes are available. The technology is currently in test phase and not miniaturized. Once finished the steps of test and miniaturization it could be easily implemented in commercial devices or machines. For doing that it is necessary to have an optical window for transmission and receiving of photons, a space for the printed circuit board, sensors and emitters, a protocol for exchanging data compatible with the rest of the device internal electronic that is intended to produce.

It is also important to remind that our patents are already now strategic to be taken in license because they don't cover only our approach of making devices and telecommunication but, in different cases, they cover also approaches of other telecommunication standard and companies. So we strongly suggest to consider to have a strategic position on the IP protection capacity.

Special features:

  • Interference free: Visible light is intrinsically far less prone to interference. Nonetheless, the visible light spectrum is currently largely unused.

  • Faster than ever: Light communication can deliver speeds of multiple Gbps. This means we can open unprecedented possibilities for technology and services.

  • Intrinsically secure: Light communication signals can be contained, delimited and secured within a physical area. This provides it with an intrinsic safety feature.

  • Safe for health: Light communication does not raise any health safety concern. Visible light does not carry any kind of hazard to living beings or devices.

  • Flexibility of the system

  • Extremely wide implementation possibilities in different fields

  • Innovation with unique selling points, patented!

  • Prototypes available!

  • Strategic patents!

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