CADEX® sight & acoustic insulation

The clever system of the new generation. Screwless fixing of the cladding.

Problem description:

The aim of this innovation was to create a durable, sustainable and easy-to-install modular fencing system with a modern and timeless design that is also versatile in terms of possible cladding with materials such as wood, metal and plastic profiles as well as solar modules.

Patented clamping device

Patented clamping device

The new solution: CADEX

CADEX enables fast installation as no fasteners or screws are required for all types of cladding. By eliminating direct contact between the cladding, the profiles (especially wood) can dry out more quickly at the contact points with the mullions and therefore last much longer.

Difference lamella / rhomboid

Post types

Advantages of innovation:

  • Modern and timeless design

  • Quick and easy to assemble

  • Screwless cladding

  • Many material options for cladding profiles

  • Durable and stable thanks to low profile contact

  • Can be used individually thanks to modular system

  • Can be retrofitted as double walls (also with sound absorption)

  • Replacement of damaged profiles without great effort

  • Individually selectable radii and gradients

  • Standardized system ("rhomboid", "slats")

  • Can also be used as a safety system for high-quality or expensive panels (e.g. solar panels) in public areas.



Video of the innovation

Video zur Montagesequenz

  • Innovation with unique selling points, functionality protected by patent

  • "CADEX" brand protected

  • High customer benefit

  • Very many use cases and realized references

  • To be sold for reasons of age

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