Mobile Speaker or Headphone Connection by SLUX

Mobile Speaker or Headphone Connection by SLUX

Data Transmission by light - Safe for health

Artistic Headset Design convertible to wireless light headset

Description, use, markets, advantages:

Our Company has the technological experience and engineering team for producing Wireless Photonic Connected Audio Solutions. Imagine a Home Cinema with different speaker for surrounding audio connected not by cable but by efficiently managed rays of light.

The same solution can be done for Photonic Headset connected to the home lamps by digital rays of light, the higher-level evolution of the first analog light headsets.

The target market is the home indoor market and office.

The advantages are in terms of green managing of the radio spectrum, no microwave pollution, lower latency for transmission.

*We strongly recommend to organize a meeting for letting us understand your market needs and for letting you discover our state of art and potential.

Unique Selling Point:

  • Transmission free of microwave

  • Technology oriented to the Future

  • We will make it with high added design value thanks to light designer


  • Indoor home and office

  • Audio professional

Technical data:

  • 10 meters indoor connection via low consumption LED light

  • Visible or not visible light

  • Additional feature based on your specific requests

Special features:

  • Interference free: Visible light is intrinsically far less prone to interference. Nonetheless, the visible light spectrum is currently largely unused.

  • Faster than ever: Light communication can deliver speeds of multiple Gbps. This means we can open unprecedented possibilities for technology and services.

  • Intrinsically secure: Light communication signals can be contained, delimited and secured within a physical area. This provides it with an intrinsic safety feature.

  • Safe for health: Light communication does not raise any health safety concern. Visible light does not carry any kind of hazard to living beings or devices.

  • Innovation with unique selling points, patented!

  • Strategic patents!

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