Glass Sensor

Sensors with media contact "glass"

Cost-effective, robust, suitable for a wide range of applications.

Problem description:

Cost-effective and media-resistant sensors and pressure transmitters are constantly being sought for use in machines and appliances, e.g. for coffee machines for pressure control in order to improve the aroma of the coffee. At the same time, rinsing and descaling processes place increased demands on the chemical resistance of the components. Until now, robust sensors have been protected with steel or platinum membranes, but this makes them expensive and their service life is limited in aggressive media.

View of the base plate and on the membrane

The new solution:

The innovation describes an inexpensive and extremely robust sensor/transmitter element with media contact glass. In contrast to sensors with metal or silicone media contact, the sensor here is resistant to most aggressive media (e.g. hydrochloric acid, aqua regia, etc.).

Pressure transmitter with electronics

This innovation can not only be used to produce media-resistant pressure sensors, it is also suitable for flow sensors and amylase sensors.

Due to the low manufacturing costs, the innovation would also be suitable for single-use sensors (e.g. in medical technology or food production).

Advantage of the Innovation:

  • Low manufacturing costs

  • Ideally suited for aggressive media

  • Technology can also be used for other sensors, such as flow sensors and amylase sensors

  • Possible new business areas feasible for sensor manufacturers

  • IP claim "Through-glass contacting for sensor technology" can be used for marketing purposes.

  • Innovation with unique selling points, protected by patent

  • Strategically strong patent - Certain claims in the IP also cover possible future applications in the field of "mobile phone", such as CO2 measurement in everyday life, breath alcohol measurement, etc.

  • Inventor offers technical support for implementation!

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