Patent Marketing

Patent commercialization - our core business!

Regardless of whether the marketing strategy ultimately leads to the decision to sell the entire property right or to sell individual licenses, we are a strong partner at your side and can help you find the right partners. Here you can take advantage of our excellent industry and technical expertise.

Together we will create an informative flyer and identify the companies that could be potential buyers or licensees. We will then contact them directly.

If you use your patent yourself for your business, licensing it for other applications or regional markets in which you are not active yourself offers the opportunity for additional cash flow from your patent.

Together with your patent attorney, we can help you draw up the relevant sales and license agreements.

However, we would like to emphasize that such sales are only possible for "protected" inventions with sufficient product documentation and completion.

One of our specialties is the search for new licensees for rights holders who are dissatisfied with the performance of their licensee. We handle this task discreetly and successfully.

Our approach in patent commercialization:

  • The right strategy for your IP right:

    Suitable for the invention/innovation and the property right, we design a suitable individual strategy based on the initial situation for the best possible marketing success.

  • Preparation of market-compliant documents:

    The first impression on the reader counts. Nobody reads long documentation of the invention.

    We create a flyer as a teaser for the first contact in 3 sections:

    What problem do we want to solve?

    How is the problem solved today?

    What does the new solution look like with the unique selling points.

    A maximum of 2 pages with at least 2 appealing images that succinctly explain the problem and the solution to the reader. Concise images are usually more effective than a lot of text.

    A detailed presentation of the technology based on the flyer with all selling points for the 2nd step.

  • Search for licensees or property right buyers:

    Together with the inventor, we also create a database of "potentially interested parties" after interviews have been conducted with insiders from the individual sectors.

    The criteria for this are

    -a match of industries and regions

    - Existing product know-how

    - Established sales structure

    - Existing production know-how

    This is followed by a comparison with existing contacts.

  • Communication with "potentially interested parties":

    We take care of the communication with the companies, but the inventor is welcome to attend the talks at a later date. We support our client in the negotiations regarding the license or sale of property rights.

  • Communication with the inventor:

    We are not a black box but attach great importance to transparent work for the client. For this reason, we regularly send out the "Potential interested parties" database with the notes from telephone calls, emails or meetings as a status report.

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