Lowerable transport goods holding device

Lowerable transport goods holding device

Ideal for transporting long goods in assembly and service vehicles.

Problem description:

For assembly and service vehicles in the trade such as conventional box vans or small trucks with a high roof, there is no safe way to transport long utensils (e.g. ladders, pipes, profiles, etc.) that no longer have room in the vehicle itself without a roof rack.

In the case of panel vans or small trucks with a high roof, this is currently only possible with a fixed roof rack, which can then only be loaded with a ladder. Especially when it rains or snows, there is a considerable risk of accidents because you are working on the roof of the vehicle at a height of about 2.6m without fall protection.

The new solution:

The lowerable holding device for transport goods from 4 to 8m in length (the permissible overhang over the vehicle length must be observed) is the perfect solution here. This is attached to the side of the vehicle and can be loaded at an ideal working height due to its lowerability. Even smaller people can work with it, simply fold it out and load it. The holder also offers an ecological advantage, since this causes less air resistance and noise when not in use in the folded state compared to a roof rack. It can carry loads up to 150kg.


The current video shows a prototype, a video of the current version (see photos) will be uploaded soon.


  • Easy to use

  • More work safety

  • Can also be used by small people

  • Ecologically sensible, as there is less air resistance and wind noise

  • Invention comes directly from practical experience

  • Ideal accessory for panel vans and small trucks

  • Complete construction drawings available

  • Innovation with unique selling points, patent protected!

  • High customer benefit

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